Gusto mo bang nasa first page rank ang Ad mo kay Google

13. Nov 2022
Gusto mo bang nasa first page rank ang Ad mo kay Google

First Page  Rank in Google



There are a few things you need to remember when creating an ad. First, your ad must follow the basic SEO protocol by providing the correct title of your ad and related content write-ups. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and if you want your ad to be indexed by these Search Engines, follow their SEO posting guideline. And Why do we do it? Because Google, Yahoo, and Bing Search engines are strict in their algorithm, your content must at least have the exact words you use in the title to be considered in database search indexing.


Ad Title Example: Signage Maker in Imus Cavite In your Ad Content, you need to include these words in the content exactly as it is to tell the search engine that these are the focus keywords, and whoever searches these keywords, your ad will be on the first page in your preferred search browser.


Ad Description/Content Basic Example: Are you looking for the best and most reliable Signage Maker in Imus Cavite? You've reached the right place and partner to provide you with the best quality signage for your business. We are located in Imus, Cavite, but we can do and provide signage for a customer in Metro Manila and the Calabarzon area. We've been doing this for several years now. Contact us today! You won't regret that you choose our service.  Note that the more you have the word written in the Ad Description/Content field, the more reliable your ad is to viewers.


Correct SEO Title and Description




Second, it must have a correct Meta Title and Meta Description precisely the same as Ad Title and Ad Content mentioned above. But, the Meta Description must be as short as SEO guidelines require. In these fields, you need to fill up the field correctly because all search engines' bots will look for these Metal Title and Meta Description to index and show to those who search these titles or keywords in browsers.


Meta Title and Meta Description



The final statement is that if you follow these simple instructions to post an Ad with, your ad will be indexed and indeed first page in Google Search Engine.




Here are some screenshots of proof from another user who posted an Ad correctly.


Proof: First Page Rank in Google



Proof: First Page Rank in Google



Proof: First Page Rank in Google



Proof: First Page Rank in Google


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